Our Team


Shashank Gandikota
Graphic Designer


In real life, Shashank is quiet and unassuming. In the virtual world, Shashank is a gamer, Level 80 Orc. He has made more friends online than in real life. He has friends all over the world, and he regularly gets gifts like noodles and chocolates from them.

Shashank’s fascination for the digital world began when his father bought a computer for him and his brother when they were young. Shashank bribed his brother with Rs.50 everyday so that he could use the computer for himself. He got interested in graphic design and learned everything by himself through the internet, so much so that when he went to do a course in FX School, Mumbai, there was nothing new he could learn there.

Shashank has an innate talent for visuals, and consistently churns out top rate graphic designs. Many of his posters have appeared in newspapers and have been put up on hoardings.