The Journey

Life they say is all about choices. In “The Journey”, choices become the forces of change in the lives of its characters right from the moment they move into the frame.
Change presents itself differently through each one of these stories. For estranged Siddharth, it is the unexpected news of Deepa’s engagement; For Tharun, an opportunity that could change his life forever and for the young Suresh, a fresh start to a better life altogether.
We are exposed to the dilemma that underlies each one’s reluctance to embrace transition readily as they are forced to examine their present realities against an uncertain future.
“The Journey” weaves together the three seemingly different stories to a common lesson as it transforms from a literal telling of the journeys the characters set out prepared for to the profound internal introspection they undergo.
The Journey is a tale of how hope drives us all singularly to take the leap of faith and above all following your heart.

Madhu Shree
Rohit Khandelwal
Siddharth Pallavalli
Karthik Vamsi Tadaepalli
John Kottoly
Arnold Ittera
Story, Screenplay, Editing and Direction-Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam
AD: Sankeerth Reddy
DOP: Sharath Reddy
Assistant Camera Operator: Emmanuelle
Line Producer: Chaitanya Akkapeddi
Production Manager: Upendra Varma/ Srinivas Kaushik
Script Supervisor: Ranjith Kumar
Music and Sound: Vivek Sagar and Sanjay Das (Tapeloop Studio)

Best Director (Tharun Bhascker) For Journey-Eat, Sleep, Drink-movies
Best Film (Journey)-Eat, Sleep, Drink-movies
‘The Journey’ was shortlisted to be screened at The East Side Story 2012, A Short Film Festival by SIMC (UG), Pune.
‘The Journey’ was nominated for the screening at the prestigious Imphal International Short Film Festival 2012