The story follows the life of a famous photographer, Krishnamoorthi who shot to fame 10 years ago after taking the photograph of a village girl during his travels as a young and aspiring photographer. These days, he shoots hot models and famous filmstars on a regular basis in big studios but, is increasingly frustrated with the monotonous and commercial lifestyle. Our short film opens with a shot of the narrator, Ismail, a cab driver whose latest assignment is to drive  Krishnamoorthi to a remote village. Ismail is curious as to why one of the best photographers in the country wants to visit an unknown location when Krishnamoorthi points out to him that he is in search of “passion” or the girl he shot 10 years ago.  When they eventually reach her village after a long and tiring journey, Krishnamoorthi ends up in a quarrel with a localite, shepherd. Ismail tries to rescue him but gets whacked on the head by the shepherd – who happens to be the brother of the girl they are searching for. 

As Krishnamoorthi and Ismail recover from their unfortunate incident with the shepherd in a distant spot, Ismail gets into an argument with Krishnamoorthi as he questions the sheer eccentricity of Krishnamoorthi’s decision to travel without any real reason. Ismail just wants to get home safe and does not wish to risk his personal life any more over Krishnamoorthi’s inane obsessions. As he continues ranting, Krishnamoorthi spots a girl standing in the distance. As she approaches him, he realizes that is the same girl with the same striking eyes that caught his attention a decade ago. In a moment of bliss, she once again poses for him and almost subconsciously he captures her photograph. Ismail, watching this unfolding of events from a distance, feels reformed as he understands the passion of the photographer and realizes that everything had been worth it. After a change of heart, he wants to go on a new journey with Krishnamoorthi in search of new sources of passion.

Sandhya Raju
John Kottoly
Priyadarshi Pullikonda
Sandeep Gandikota

Production Team:
Hamza Uddin
Sandeep Gandikota
Shashank Gandikota
Harikanth Gunamagari

Story, screenplay, Editor and Direction: Tharun Bhascker
Cinematography: Nagesh Banell
Music: Vivek Sagar and Sanjay Das (Tapeloop)
Assistant Cinematography: Kishore Krishnamoorthi
Executive Producer: Ranjith Kumar and Hari Varun
Visual Effects: Sankeerth Reddy
First Assistant Director: Vivek Sudhanshu
Second Assistant Director: Upendra Varma
Script Supervisor: Pranith Maddirala
Production Manager: Tanvi Desai
Unit Manager: Srinivas Kaushik


‘Mahindra XUV 500 Memorable Stories’ – Best Film – Audience Choice award Mahindra XUV 500 Memorable Stories’- Best Music