First Feature Film

Vinoothna Geetha is proud to announce that we are officially working on our first full length feature film. We are very excited about this project as it is our first foray into the world of the big screen and are quite keen to see it succeed. We are currently in the pre production phase of the film, sorting out the locations, the actors and so on. It is quite an experience to watch our team put together the script and look for ways to making our shots possible and practical.

We have finished a series of rounds of Auditions and been humbled with the response that we got. We came across some brilliant actors with a set of hidden talents and look forward to working together with them to watch our script turn to reality.

Using a Indie style of filming, we want to try a new approach to shoot our movie and this does often involve overcoming all sorts of barriers. We are fortunate to have a good team filled with plenty of spirit and passion that sticks together in the tough times, working our way through to the other side together.