About Us


Vinoothna Geetha stands for ‘Innovation in Art’ which is the core principle of the company that the founders set out to achieve when they established it in 2010. Vinoothna Geetha has quickly grown to become one of the most innovative and original emerging production houses that the city of Hyderabad has seen. With a varied portfolio ranging from television commercials to feature films, Vinoothna Geetha has proved that its mettle in a competitive industry by producing award winning work. Vinoothna Geetha is fresh. It is new. It will surprise you.

The history of Vinoothna Geetha goes far beyond the date that the company was registered. The four founding directors of the company have been school friends from a very young age when their creative ideas and business acumen was being nurtured at the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet. Engineering didn’t suit them and they decide to follow their passion for cinema, design and all things creative. What started as a common hobby has evolved into a full profession for them. They wanted to create a brand name that would be synonymous with change and innovation. The team has grown since then, attracting the best talent from across the country to form a pool of the most creative and passionate people that you will meet. The zest and passion of the growing team ensures a limitless pool of fresh and creative ideas that continue to amaze, astonish and awe the audience.