”Mere abba kehte te…”






















Tharun told us one evening that we had been shortlisted for the Mahindra XUV500 Short Film competition and our theme was ‘In search of’. He narrated a story that kept us listening and we knew that we had a winner. We got to work immediately once we had the final script and few of us went to scout for locations the following day.

After some hunting, we managed to get a few places that would be perfect. Simultaneously, other members of the team were working to find actors, equipment, costumes and whatnot! As the day of the shoot approached, everything fell into place and we picked up the final pieces of equipment in our dashing red XUV!

On the first day of shoot, we pulled up at a village and set up our equipment. Everything was going well when a massive argument erupted halfway through the day among the villagers. While members of our team tried to calm them down, it was obvious that we would have to shift location. But our cinematographer, not wanting to give up the last precious few minutes, kept shooting at one end of the village while people argued at the other end – definitely a sight to see!

Fortunately, the rest of the days of shooting went much more smoothly except for the few unavoidable niggles. By the time the fifth day of shooting was done, we were exhausted but eagerly awaiting the output. Good coordination by the team meant that a rough edit was also complete at this point of time and only dubbing and final grading was left to be done. On the day before the deadline, we received the final music cut and once our editor put together the finishing touches to the film, we were blown away.